🚧 This prototype is actively under construction. 🚧   Please provide feedback at github/danielsgriffin/SearchRights/issues or via email to daniel.griffin@berkeley.edu.

Category: Sharing searching

Purpose: Support users in sharing their search experience with others.



Research demonstrates significant value in users communicating about their experiences with tools. Better support for sharing interactions with these systems may improve users collective ability to effectively question/complain, teach, & organize about/around/against these tools (i.e. “working around platform errors and limitations” & “virtual assembly work” (Burrell et al., 2019), “repairing searching” (Griffin, 2022), search quality complaints (Griffin & Lurie, 2022), and end-user audits (Metaxa et al., 2021; Lam et al., 2022)) and improve our “practical knowledge” of the systems (Cotter, 2022).