🚧 This prototype is actively under construction. 🚧   Please provide feedback at github/danielsgriffin/SearchRights/issues or via email to daniel.griffin@berkeley.edu.
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Welcome to SearchRights.org, a platform (under construction) dedicated to the evaluation and promotion of search systems that focus on including the user. We critically evaluate search systems based on a robust, user-centric framework. We examine how search systems (from engines and agents to frameworks and tools) support searcher rights to:

  • Compare: Explore and develop practical knowledge of various search systems for informed decisions.
  • Complain & Contest: Challenge systems when they fall short of user needs or expectations.
  • Repair: Modify or fix search systems without facing unwarranted obstructions.
  • Share: Involve others in searches, teach others about searching, and assemble to improve search.
  • Extend: Adapt systems and practices.
  • Choose: Freely select the search tools that resonate with individual needs, values, and aspirations.
  • Learn: Cultivate curiosity and questions, address ignorance, and search even outside of clear tasks or goals.

Our framework emphasizes:

  • Comparative Evaluations: Through rigorous and interdisciplinary methodologies, we provide clear comparisons of how various search systems support or challenge the searcher.

  • Diversity: Our vision embraces the multitude of ways people search, promoting a landscape where different methodologies coexist and evolve.

Our commitment at SearchRights.org is clear: to move beyond the status quo and ensure the search landscape prioritizes and truly includes its users.